Residential and Commercial Security Lighting
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Are you looking to increase the safety and security of your residential or commercial property? Security lighting and motion detecting sensors can increase the safety of your home or business and create comfort for those who occupy it. Enjoy piece of mind by having security lighting installed by the professionals at Powered Perfect.

Security Lighting

security lighting installation in MarylandBring light to darkened corners of your building, parking lot, or home. A lighted home deters crime by ensuring that any criminals will be in clear view, and they tend to choose easier targets that are not as well lit. The certified electricians at Powered Perfect will install your security lighting in strategic places round your building or property to achieve maximum coverage.

Motion Detectors

If you're looking for a way to save energy while also enhancing the security around your home or business, motion detectors are the answer. Motion detectors are equipped with advanced technology that detects movement, signaling the need for light. Motion detectors are deceiving to burglars and oftentimes will deter them from entering your home if spotted. Without security lighting, your home is a prime target for burglars. Don't worry all night wondering who may be around the corner. Contact Powered Perfect before it's too late and get a free estimate on security lighting for your home.

Local Certified Electrician

Powered Perfect is a local electrician equipped to install security lighting around your home or business so you can put your mind at ease.


Contact Powered Perfect to install security lighting around your home or business. Call us at (443) 671-6048 or complete the form to request a free estimate.