Recessed Lighting Installation
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Recessed lighting installation is a great way to accent a room without overpowering other light fixtures. Many home owners use recessed lighting for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. If you're looking for recessed lighting installation in Baltimore, Carroll, Anne Arundel, Howard or Frederick counties, you came to the right place. Powered Perfect provides recessed lighting installation as well as pendant lighting, track lighting, dimmers, ceiling fan installation, and more to residential consumers throughout Maryland.

Powered Perfect handles all kinds of lighting fixtures for your home, including under cabinet lighting, accent lighting, dimmers, and architectural lighting. Recessed lighting is the perfect complement to other styles of lighting throughout your home.

If you're in need of recessed lighting installation or any other electrical home services, give Powered Perfect a call at (443) 671-6048 or complete the form to request an estimate.

Why Recessed Lighting?

home lighting electrician in MarylandRecessed lights blend into your ceiling to shine light on an area of the room or to focus on a piece of art. The hidden lights don’t interfere with the natural look of your home and can be used for multiple lighting styles, including general, task, and accent.

Professional Installation

Powered Perfect offers professional installation for recessed lighting so you don’t have to hassle with wires, circuit boards, and cutting through drywall. Recessed lighting is one of the more difficult forms of lights to install. Trust your lighting installation to the professionals at Powered Perfect. Powered Perfect is equipped with the proper tools, equipment, and experience for any electrical job. Our certified electricians have gone through rigorous training and are prepared to handle any task they encounter in the field.

We’re Dedicated to Great Customer Service

If you don’t want to hire more than one company to finish the job, Powered Perfect is the right company for you. When we start a job, we make sure we finish it. We respect your time and your property, and realize that our job doesn’t stop once we have the correct wiring installed. That’s why we complete the job by patching up drywall, painting over a mark, or dusting off your furniture. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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