Generator Installation - Service & Repair
Commercial & Home Generator Maintenance & Installation

Are you preparing for your next power outage? Powered Perfect is an authorized installer of electric generators in Maryland, servicing Baltimore, Carroll, Anne Arundel, Howard and Frederick counties. We specialize in the installation of commercial and residential generators, and have the experience and the equipment to ensure that your generator is installed correctly. Enjoy the freedom and security of having your backup generator professionally installed by Powered Perfect.

generator installer of emergency generators, backup generators, whole house generators in MarylandGenerac Generators: Authorized Dealer, Installer & Service Provider

Kohler Generators: Authorized Installer

Siemens Generators: Authorized Dealer, Installer & Service Provider

Honeywell Generators: Authorized Dealer, Installer & Service Provider

Centurion Generators: Authorized Dealer, Installer & Service Provider

Standby and Backup Generator Service Contracts

Generators require regular maintenance to ensure that they are functioning correctly when you need them. We offer annual or semi-annual generator maintenance contracts for Generac, Siemens, Honeywell and Centurion generators. Ensure that your generator is in good working order; contact us for a generator service contract today.

Commercial & Home Generator Maintenance & Installation

Powered Perfect is an authorized Generac, Siemens, Honeywell and Centurion dealer, installer and service provider, and an authorized installer for Kohler generators. We install and service natural gas & propane generators of all brands and also install diesel generators. There are many different brands and styles of generators to choose from, including portable generators, standby generators, quiet generators, and more. The experts at Powered Perfect will help you select the right generator to ensure a continual supply of electricity in emergency situations.

Residential Electrical Generator

For our residential clients, we offer residential grade, air-cooled units, including standby generators that will ensure continuous power to your sump pump, appliances and electronics. We provide whole house generator installation, so that you can be assured of a quality, safe and professional installation. There is no need to struggle through hours of power loss, particularly when you need power to go about your daily life. Contact Powered Perfect today to discuss your generator options.

Commercial Standby Electrical Generators

For our commercial clients, we offer liquid-cooled, highly dependable, commercial grade units that are designed to handle any emergency situation. A prolonged loss of electricity can be devastating for a commercial operation. Restaurants can lose refrigeration and lighting, hospitals can lose vital systems, and having a dependable generator is absolutely necessary for any business or facility. With a Powered Perfect commercial generator installation, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue or the destruction of property that can result from losing power. The cost of a generator is only a small fraction of the cost of several power outages, so contact us today!

Portable Generator Installation

Powered Perfect offers portable generator installation to the Greater Baltimore area, Columbia, Frederick and Westminster. Our certified electricians have the expertise to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for their home or office. Whether you already own a portable generator or need one, we offer multiple set ups at a more economical cost than standby generators. Portable generators operate on a manual transfer switch, rather than an automatic, and use a 240-volt plug on your building’s exterior. A portable generator will run all your basic necessities without the mess of multiple extension cords, which can require you to leave windows or doors partially open for inclement weather or intruders to get in. Portable generators are switched on manually, and ensure the continuity of the electrical supply to the circuits you select (refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, gas furnace, well pump, microwave, TV/internet).

Our Generator Installations Provide Peace of Mind.

The experts at Powered Perfect will provide you with a quick and professional installation job, giving you peace of mind knowing that you will not experience a costly and destructive loss of power again. The property damage that can result from power loss to sump pumps, freezers, refrigerators and critical equipment and appliances is immeasurable. Don’t take chances; contact Powered Perfect today to get expert, professional advice about installing a generator at your home or business.