Electrical Panel Replacement & Upgrades
Improve Safety by Updating Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Electrical panels, also referred to as circuit breakers, breaker boxes, and distribution boards, are one of the most important parts to your home. It is the source of your entire home's power and electricity. If it breaks or becomes outdated, you’re going to need to get it upgraded or replaced.

When to Replace Your Electrical Panel

Over time, your circuit breaker will lose power and efficiency. This is caused by an increase in the use of electricity and a higher demand of power from electrical sources in your home. When your home was built, it probably didn’t have the number of lights, fans, or advanced appliances that it has today.

When you add new lights or high speed internet, your circuit breaker has to work even harder to produce more electricity for your home. Eventually it becomes too much for the distribution board to handle and the breaker “trips.” If this starts to happen often or the panel is hot or smells like it’s burning, it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Other red flags to look out for are loose conductors, burnt or discolored lugs, and a rusted panel bus bar.

The Dangers

Electrical malfunction is the third most common cause of house fires. This includes faulty electrical panel wiring, outdated electrical panels, and short circuits. Short circuits have been known to occur because of old electrical panels. Avoid the dangers of a house fire by making sure your electrical panel is working safely and efficiently and if needed, request an electrical service upgrade.

The Solution

Electrical malfunctions are dangerous and can be complicated if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. Powered Perfect has professional electricians that are equipped to handle small and large circuit breaker repairs and replacements.

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